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The rice that is in this Hillel Fresh box is from Boundbrook farm, which produces organic rice and uses new methods to adapt to the changing climate. The farm has been around since 2010 and has a unique feature about it. When Erik and his wife Erica acquired this land, it was wet and difficult to work with, which made them contemplate how they were going to create a thriving farm with such property. Erik lived in Northern Japan for a time and came across the idea of rice since the environment was similar. Since then, the rice farm is in full motion, providing local and organic food.

Ducks swim around the water as the rice is growing, eating the weeds and avoiding the tall rice, helping to protect the crop. This makes a positive system where both the plants and ducks benefit. When the rice is in harvest, they do the milling and drying with their machinery. The rice that you can enjoy has gone through many adventures along it’s way to your plate. It was handled delicately by the Boundbrook farmers, the ducks, and soon Hillel Fresh’s team to get to you. We hope you enjoy it!


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