• You must be able to participate in all five weeks of Hillel Fresh (February 26, March 5, March 12, March 19, and March 26) - the same people must participate each week

  • You must live off-campus (If you live on campus and are interested in participating, please email Leah.Kostick@uvm.edu)

  • All participants must currently live together, i.e Only housemates or roommates allowed!

    • Off-campus: Limited to 10 housemates per meal kit

  • In addition to participating in Hillel Fresh five times, you must complete weekly modules (approx. 1 hour a week), and complete a pre-survey, a post-survey, and 2 surveys during the five weeks 

    • We estimate that you will need an hour to complete the modules by Friday of each week and 30 minutes on Sunday for survey and reflection time

    • Each time you complete a module or survey you will be entered in a raffle to win City Market gift cards, an air fryer, or a blender. 

  • All participants must sign the UVM Green and Gold promise

  • All participants must abide by all current State of Vermont COVID-19 guidelines

Hillel Fresh Shabbat Cohort

Guidelines and Requirements

Please email Leah.Kostick@uvm.edu if you have any questions about the requirements and guidelines for participating in Hillel Fresh.

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Q: How is this different from past Hillel Fresh?

A: Nothing about the Hillel Fresh boxes will change. By being in the cohort, all we ask is that you and your roommates participate all five weeks and complete any necessary modules, reflections or surveys asked of you.

Q: How much time commitment is the cohort?

A: In addition to the weekly Shabbat dinner with your roommates, you may be asked to complete modules, reflections, or surveys which we estimate could take you about 1-2 hours each week.

Q: Who can participate?

A: All UVM students who live off-campus. You may only share a Hillel Fresh box with people you live with per the UVM and State guidelines. If you live on campus and would like to participate, please email leah.kostick@uvm.edu and we will work something out with you.

Q: What do I get for participating?

A: Each time you complete something for us you will be entered into a raffle to win awesome prizes ranging in value from $25 - $100? Of course, this is in addition to 5 boxes complete with everything you need for a delicious and fresh dinner.

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