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From virtual services, game nights, and educational resources, to the best recipes you can make at home, we are here to support you. We will find hope and connection in challenging circumstances, as the Jewish people always have.

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Passover 2020 begins at sundown on Wednesday, April 8, and ends Thursday evening, April 16. The first Passover seder is on the evening of April 8. We have resources to help you host your own First Night Seder with the people you are with, from Haggadahs to recipes + where to find Kosher food.


We will not be hosting a virtual seder but check out Passover 2020 from OneTable, who is hosting many virtual seders arond the country!



First Night Seder



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second night

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It is that time of year again! It is time to put down the pizza and pick up the matzah pizza, time to dispose of our chametz and most importantly, it is time to take a moment to reflect on the resilience of the Jewish people. Now more than ever it is important to recall that together, we can overcome any obstacle. Join us on April 9th at 7pm est in celebration of the second night of Passover. We will be having a seder live on Zoom run by Harry Marek and Jennifer Zwerling. Bring the whole family into the zoom room for a night of community, laughter and discussion. Please RSVP to Lindsey Sigal at by April 8th. 


Yom Tov Shabbat

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We will be hosting a Shabbat service at 6:45pm EST via Zoom! Bring your All are welcome to join us on the call, including your parents, grandparents, friends, loved ones and four-legged friends. 

Please RSVP and you'll receive the Zoom link in your email!




Matzah Cooking Class

The one thing everyone around the world has in common is a love for FOOD. Let’s not let the inability to eat bread products get us down! There are so many delicious recipes to try, all revolving around the star of your Passover seder table, MATZAH! Join students Tory Schatz and Sophie Berne for a cooking class via zoom Sunday April 12th at 2pm. They’ll go over how to make some kosher for Passover classics like matzah pizza, matzah brie and chocolate toffee matzah bark! Cook alongside Tory and Sophie or just watch and learn! All are welcome! Please RSVP and you'll receive the Zoom link in your email!




Shabbat Resources
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mindful monday

Join Daisy for Mindful Monday with Matzah, any kind of sweet glue (icing, etc), and anything you can find for decorations! Please RSVP and you'll receive the Zoom link in your email!




Escape the desert: Virtual Escape Room

You wake up on the first morning of Passover and something doesn't feel right. You sit up, open your eyes, and realize that you're no longer safely social distancing from your childhood bedroom. You're in the middle of the desert! How are you going to make it back home before the first night seder? You set out on a mission to escape the desert, just like your Jewish ancestors fled Egypt. See if you have what it takes to escape the desert and get back to your house before the last bowl of matzo ball soup is gone! If you want an extra challenge, time yourself and see if you can beat your friends. Join us on Tuesday for a zoom call, or complete the escape room at any time on your own!

Yom Tov Shabbat

lunch + learn: Passover edition


Why do we celebrate Passover? Why is Moses so important? What are the ten plagues? If you have ever wondered about the answers to these questions or have more, join us on Wednesday April 15th at 1 pm for a Lunch and Learn: The Passover Edition. Hillel staff will guide a discussion and Jewish text study about all things Passover. Find out more about our main man Moses and Passover themes can be applied to our everyday lives. Even if text study is not your thing, you are invited to engage in a fun and meaningful conversation between staff and students. Bring your lunch too! Please RSVP and you'll receive a Zoom link in your email. 








The Passover Story

If ever there were a story filled with drama and magic and mystery and miracles, it’s the story of how our people fled slavery in Egypt in search of freedom and the Promised Land!


Make your own Haggadah

 Construct a Haggadah with collective clips and art from around the world!


Creative Virtual Seder Plates

Don't have a physical seder plate or items to put on it? Check out these creative ideas!


Virtual Seder

Want to find a virtual seder to attend?  Browse the options for open seders, or start your own and welcome others

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AJWS Haggadah

This Passover, bring social justice to the Seder table. Sign up to receive a free download of the Global Justice Haggadah.

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 Matzah Recipes

Here are 21 awesome things you can do with Matzah!

Image by Persnickety Prints

Volunteer Opportunities

Learn more about how to help remotely.

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Social Justice Resources

Check out more Passover Social Justice Resources from the American Jewish World Service. 


What is Kosher?

Read more about what it means for food to be Kosher and how to keep Kosher during passover.

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