Bring your friends together! We'll send you everything you need to learn to cook & host your own local, delicious, free Shabbat dinner for as many friends as you'd like! We include all ingredients, candles, challah, grape juice, and potentially even some cooking tools to lend if needed (cooking tools to lend are limited while supplies last).


This kit is sized for 1-6 people (larger kits also free & available). 


Feb 21st's kit features* a black bean burrito-esque bowl featuring 


- Local Awesome Rice from Boundbrook Farm (creating using an innovative symbiosis between ducks, hydrological management, and phosphorus capture, 23.6 miles away),

- Local Hydroponic Lettuce from Green Mountain Harvest (crisp fresh summer lettuce grown fresh all winter in an , 36.5 miles away), 

- Local Hydroponic Tomatoes from Vermont Hydroponic Produce (delicious red tomoatoes grown grown fresh all winter, 64.9 miles away),

- Local Sautéd onions from Intervale Community Farm (great onions grown right in Burlington, 1.5 miles away),

- Tasty black beans,

- Topped with corn, potentially with optional Cabot cheese and potentially with optional Cabot sour cream (Cabot is an 800 family strong local dairy co-op that's been making some of Vermont's best cheeses for 101 years).**


Built for those learning to cook with everything in it, delivered to you. Prep and cook time will be aproximately 25-40 minutes for those with little experience. 


Pots, pan, etc. potentially available upon request!


*Sourcing may change depending upon availability. Hillel Fresh's goal is to provide the best local, delicious, sustainable, Shabbat experience possible :D

**We are still determining if delivering refrigeration sensitive products like Cabot cheese and sour cream is feasible for this kit run. Hillel Fresh is currently under development and quality is essential to us. 

Shabbat Experience Meal Kit