Shabbat is an opportunity to take a break from the week and connect with community.

Shabbat is a time for reflection, connection, and community. It is a wonderful time in our Jewish tradition where we can come together each week to separate the week and do something for ourselves. 


For Shabbat this week, we will be connecting you with other students to create community pods of 4-6 students to safely follow all of UVM and Vermont's guidelines and bringing in Shabbat together. Please sign up for an outdoor location. We will all gather via Zoom from the various outdoor locations or from your room and do the Shabbat blessings together. Shabbat services will also be available prior to Shabbat dinner via Zoom. 


If you would like to do Shabbat from your room for whatever reason you totally can! We will still provide you with a pre-packaged meal. If you are interested, we will connect all of the students doing Shabbat virtually together so you can eat dinner together and make new friends!

(P.s., never used Zoom before? Just click a little early, follow the download instructions, and you'll be Zooming in no time.)

Learn to host your own Candle Lighting


How cool would it be to guide your own Shabbat with your family, friends, self, or any people you might be living with? (Please don't gather anyone that you don't already live with though!) 


Our candles, Kiddush, and HaMotzi + gratitude guide will help you create a Shabbat experience we hope you'll treasure : )



Just give it a read over before you get started and you'll know what to do.


Pro tip: if you can, print some copies so everyone can bless.

(As a bonus, we built in a Jewish Learning Fellowship style text and prompt you and yours can consider. Some people love it as a way to get conversation started.)

You can use our entire Hillel Sidur here!

Want to cook Something Simple?


Cooking dinner for and sharing a meal with the people around you or even yourself can be a wonderful way create nice vibes and a special evening. 

We've put together some super simple and flexible dishes that people cooking for their first time will have a breeze with. 

Ready in 30 minutes or less, crazy delicious, and most ingredients can be substituted. Rice goes well in place of Quinoa as well.

Essentially just a tasty rice bowl with toppings of your choice. Our chef loves it with tomatoes, olives, feta, artichokes, and avocado.

Milk, Cheese, Macaroni. Bring the milk to a boil, add the macaroni, cook 10 minutes, add the cheese, deliciousness is served. 

A great way to serve up a nice veggie soup. Though not in the recipe, our chef loves adding sour cream and frozen peas. 

A classic go to and can be made with whatever vegetables you have around. We also love it with veggie beefless beef. 

Play some Games Together!


It's Shabbat, why not enjoy some quality time. Board games, card games, word games, and so many more can be a great way to have fun together. 

Looking for games to play with people social distancing elsewhere? Consider calling them on the phone and playing a game like Catan online.

Video call your loved ones


It's ​up to you to keep everyone safe through social distancing, but that doesn't mean you can't keep close with everyone!

If you're looking for an easy and free way to start a video call and host a bunch of people, we've personally found Google Hangouts a great resource. 

Looking for some mid-week company or want to reach out?


Hillel at Home has some super interesting Zoom events, activities, and calls coming up, linked below. 


Also feel to send us a message on Facebook and we'll let you know if us or our students are hosting any video calls. We'd also love to catch up.


We're here for you and we care about you. 

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