meet the Spring 2021 uvm hillel student Board!

Hannah Moss (she/her)



I'm excited to support our Hillel community through fun and engaging programming. 

Favorite Hillel memory....

My first year I went to the Hamentashen bake off with some friends. I had so much fun and laughed so hard, even thought we came in last place.

Favorite Hillel memory....

Leading team building games at the Ben & Jerry's first year event!!

Sarah Ladd (she/her)

Vice President


I am excited to help lead our executive team and to connect to our local community!

Favorite Hillel memory....

Leading team building games at the Ben & Jerry's first year event!!

Favorite Hillel memory....

Leading team building games at the Ben & Jerry's first year event!!

Julie Grossman (she/they)



I am so excited to help build more meaningful Jewish experiences for people across campus and to get to know more people in our Hillel community!

Favorite Hillel memory...

is celebrating Sunshine Shabbat with the whole Hillel community!

and I really want to be a part of creating experiences that will do the same for other students. I feel so honored to be able to have the Shabbat Chair position because Hillel Shabbats truly are the highlight of my week, as they allow me the chance to destress, connect spiritually, and be surrounded by a community that brings me such joy and support. I can't wait to be able to make Shabbats even more meaningful and representative of what our community is hoping for!

Favorite Hillel memory.... when we had our first Saturday Shabbat. Not only were the services so meaningful, but all of us sitting around one table, enjoying our bagels and lox, and having time to just relax and be in the moment together was so beautiful and such a nice way to end the week!

Neilah Rovinsky (she/her)

Shabbat Co-Chair


I am so excited to be on this team because the UVM Hillel community has given so much to me throughout my college experience.... 

People are so kind and welcoming, even those who didn't know me. Shabbat helps me connect with my Jewish identity and community. I'm excited to help create that experience for others.

Favorite Hillel memory.... The Purim carnival! I had the best time being in the spiel, making cotton candy, and just being with my friends.

Delaney Kelleher (she/her)

Shabbat Co-chair 


Shabbat is what drew me and kept me coming back to Hillel. It always feels like a huge family dinner. 

Favorite Hillel memory....

my first time doing Havdalah, in the snow at the leadership retreat at camp common ground!

Tory Schatz (he/him)

Signature Events Chair

I'm excited to work with the people I haven't gotten to work with as much yet!

Favorite Hillel memory....

the leadership retreat because I got to meet so many amazing people, and it helped me feel more at home within Hillel’s community.

Sarah White (she/her)

Events Co-chair


I look forward to working with our committees to make Hillel the best it can be! 

Sarah Wasserman (she/her)

Events Co-chair


I am excited to take on more of an active role at Hillel at UVM and engage more with Jewish life on campus!

Favorite Hillel memory...

Bringing my family to Rosh Hashannah services and dinner in Fall 2019

I'm excited to be able to make connections with various clubs and leaders on campus and help guide the conversation around Israel. I can't wait to get started with planning fun and meaningful programs alongside this amazing group of people!.

Favorite Hillel memory.... For Student Board Shabbat one week we had to make cookies for about 100 hundred people from scratch. We didn't have a hand mixer or anything so another student and I mixed all the batter in a soup pot by hand. It was so messy and took a long time but it was so much fun!!

Jen Zwerling (she/her)

Israel Chair


I'm excited to be on the Team this year because I think my position gives me a lot of room to grow personally and professionally.

Favorite Hillel memory....

Getting to go on Birthright with Hillel staff members!

Rachel Wolson (she/her)

Marketing and Social Media Chair


I love the group of people I’m getting to work with and am excited to bring new ideas and experiences to UVM’s Jewish community.

Favorite Hillel memory....

spending time on the Hillel couch between classes. :)

Sally Troyanovski (she/her)

Campus Relations Chair


I’m really happy that I get to help shape this new position and create more partnerships throughout campus! 

Each member of the Hillel Exec Team is unique, and I am so thankful for this opportunity to get to know my peers better. As for being the Tikkun Olam Chair, I can't wait to continue my passion for service within such an amazing organization!


Favorite Hillel sitting on the Redstone Green eating a socially distanced Shabbat dinner my first week at UVM. I met some of my best friends that night!

Daisy Grossman (she/her)

Tikkun Olam Chair


I am so excited to lead the Hillel community with individuals who share my values. 

Applications for the Executive Team for 2021-2022 are OPEN!

The Hillel Student Board is holding elections for the Hillel Student Board Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 academic year. All positions are up for election, except treasurer.

The student board is looking for students who believe in UVM Hillel's mission and are passionate about co-creating Jewish experiences for their peers. As part of the student board, individuals will have the opportunity to create programming for all UVM students. Please reach out to Hannah Moss, current President at