meet the Fall 2021 uvm hillel student Board!

IMG_6857 - Daisy Grossman.jpg

Daisy Grossman (she/her)



I am beyond excited to develop my leadership skills as President. I can't wait to form relationships with students who share similar values!

Favorite Hillel memory....

making Shalach Manos packages for STEPS to end domestic violence. It was truly amazing to see so many students come together to support such a special organization.

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Julie Grossman (she/they)



I’m so excited to work with this incredible team to build meaningful community and experiences for all of Hillel!

Favorite Hillel memory...

is celebrating Sunshine Shabbat with the whole Hillel community!

IMG_3745 - Sophie Ostrovitz.jpg

Sophie Ostrovitz (she/her)

Vice President


I am excited to be on UVM Hillel's Executive Team as Vice President because it is a perfect opportunity for me to continue my involvement with Hillel while actively...

shaping and supporting our Jewish community on campus. I cannot wait to see what this year's team accomplishes!

Favorite Hillel memory.... The first in-person Shabbat I was able to attend during the second semester of my freshman year. It felt amazing to congregate with my peers after a year of Covid-19 restrictions prevented us from celebrating Shabbat together in the same space.

Favorite Hillel memory....

My friend Sophie and I were making matzoh toffee for Passover and it took us about 6 hours for 10 trays, but we didn’t spray them so most of it stuck the wax paper and we couldn’t give it out :(

5E7458EE-1179-487C-8B48-E8F0A014B7C4 - Madelyn Fishman.jpeg

Maddie Fishman (she/her)

Signature Events Chair

As crazy as last year was, I was super lucky to find my place at Hillel. I could always count on the activities and people to make me smile, which is something I want to share with everyone!

I'm so excited to work with the amazing Exec team to make Shabbat a really special community event and to bring everyone, whether new to Hillel or returning, into the experience!

Favorite Hillel memory.... The last Shabbat of the year when we could all be in person in the Hillel backyard!

IMG_0346 - Sarah Freedman.jpeg

Sarah Freedman (she/her)

Shabbat Co-chair 


Shabbat is a really meaningful part of Judaism for me. When I joined Hillel last year, attending Shabbats helped me to feel welcomed and included in the UVM Hillel family. ...

and I really want to be a part of creating experiences that will do the same for other students. I feel so honored to be able to have the Shabbat Chair position because Hillel Shabbats truly are the highlight of my week, as they allow me the chance to destress, connect spiritually, and be surrounded by a community that brings me such joy and support. I can't wait to be able to make Shabbats even more meaningful and representative of what our community is hoping for!

Favorite Hillel memory.... when we had our first Saturday Shabbat. Not only were the services so meaningful, but all of us sitting around one table, enjoying our bagels and lox, and having time to just relax and be in the moment together was so beautiful and such a nice way to end the week!

470E606B-6489-49CD-B188-ECA8A169FFC5 - Julia Feiler.jpeg

Julia Feiler (she/her)

Shabbat Co-Chair


I am so excited to be on this team because the UVM Hillel community has given so much to me throughout my college experience.... 

I cannot wait to see what greatness we put on this year! Additionally, having a Jewish community on campus has been so important to me.


Favorite Hillel memory....

In-person Shabbat services are some of my favorite Hillel memories. As a first year, I relied on Shabbat services to connect me with UVM's Jewish community. I am so glad that we have been able to start them back up again, and I look forward to making more memories!

IMG_7149 - Sarah White.jpeg

Sarah White (she/her)

Events Co-chair


I am so excited to be on the Hillel Exec Team as Events Co-Chair because working with my co-chair, Sarah Wasserman, and our committee was a wonderful and rewarding experience last year;...


Sarah Wasserman (she/her)

Events Co-chair


I am excited to take on more of an active role at Hillel at UVM and engage more with Jewish life on campus!

Favorite Hillel memory...

Bringing my family to Rosh Hashannah services and dinner in Fall 2019

Headshot - Avi Zatz.jpg

Avi Zatz (he/him)

Israel Chair


I'm excited to throw fun events and meet new people!

Favorite Hillel memory....

Joining a Jewish community away from home!

Favorite Hillel memory....

Going to Hillel’s Passover on my admitted student day visit!!

CF134C67-DA9C-4614-B109-F5CEE114882B - Anastasia McNeil.jpeg

Anastasia McNeil (she/they)

Co-Tikkun Olam Chair


I loved being on the Tikkun Olam committee last year and I’m so excited to help lead with my co-chair!

Favorite Hillel memory....

My freshman year I brought some non Jewish friends to a service who became really interested in Jewish culture after attending the service.

77F24CFA-644B-4ACC-988A-4E38E0315145 - Samuel Wigon.jpeg

Sam Wigon (he/him)

Marketing and Social Media Chair


I’m excited to meet more Jewish students in a setting we all feel comfortable in.

I look forward to building relationships with my fellow Hillel members and creating a positive impact on those around me.

Favorite Hillel memory....I really enjoyed creating care packages that were donated to the individuals at STEPS to End Domestic Violence and getting to create relationships with the members of my committee.

30D98007-F4A3-46F7-8D55-9E6860AA1E25 - olivia vogel.jpeg

Olivia Vogel (she/her)

Co-Tikkun Olam Chair


I’m excited to plan more events that allow the UVM community to connect with the surrounding community in Burlington!...

Applications for the Committee Team for
2021-2022 are officially open!

Please reach out to Daisy Grossman, current President at if you have any questions about committee applications.